Thursday, July 19, 2012

Learning the Hard Way

I've spent a few years learning things I didn't want to know. 

Sting. Shame. Shunning. 
Remember Who holds you, never leaves or forsakes you, never betrays you and NEVER forgets you - Savior, strength, surrender.

Hypocrisy, hurt, heartbreak.
Remember the One well acquainted with grief and sorrow. Remember His Spirit sent to comfort, guide, lead and teach us -
Healing, hope, help.

Failings, fear.
Remember the One who calls us His friend and is always faithful, even though we have not been faithful.
Friendship, forgiveness.

Grungy, garbage.
Sometimes we are a little messy. Sometimes we feel worthless.  If you see a hurting brother or sister, I pray you'll be kind. Don't treat each other like trash.  Goodness, grace - We will be hurt by each other. Let God perfect His work in you and in each other. Don't isolate yourselves. We are living stones which can smooth each other's rough edges. Don't cut each other down.

Jaded, jagged.
In Revelation, John sees Jesus standing in the middle of seven lamp stands which represent the seven churches. As imperfect as they are, He still chooses to standing among them. He sees it all. Trust Him to sort everything out in His perfect and righteous timing. Jesus, justice, joy.

Painful, prickly, petty.
Some days are plagued with trouble.  So what do we do? Press in. Worship Him. Prayer, praise - to the One who is our peace.

So yes, I learned some things I didn't want to learn the way I didn't want to learn them. Yet these things others have meant for harm, God has used for good in my life.  In the way which only He can, He's used them to grow me in ways I wasn't expecting. When you feel like you're sinking, call out to Jesus. He will hold you through the storm. He will bring you to safety. He'll meet you in your pain and sorrow. He will heal you. And you'll know what real love looks like. 

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